Aerial exterior rendering


Real life is Rowan.

Expressly designed and curated for both social living and personal time, residents enjoy all the comforts and conveniences of urban life surrounded by the natural beauty of parks, lakes, and the lush riverside. Take a few minutes to browse our gallery and explore life at The Rowan. You’ll quickly discover the tranquility and accessibility our community has to offer.

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Woman sitting on bench with shopping bags
Guy biking down path
Man cutting vegetables
Man running on treadmill
Man at bar with glass talking with a woman
Cup of coffee with froth
Man reading outside
Bedroom three pairs of feet relaxing on shaggy duvet
Girl with shopping bag
Restaurant server with two salad plates
Man seated at airport looking at phone
Woman and man biking
Woman potting a plant
Woman filling water bottle
Woman walking dog
Happy young business men talking and drinking beer in a pub
Rowan aerial rendering
Friends playing cards at table
Man running with earphones
Man stroking dog’s neck
Man and woman laughing in bed
Woman with phone on yoga mat with weights and water bottle
Man and woman laughing